J and I did a run/ bike (he ran, I biked) last night that was a bit over 5 miles.  The weather was gorgeous, and it was a good workout, with a bunch of hills.  I’m learning how to navigate biking on the streets, although I’m not stupid enough to try it on the major thoroughfares.  Ticket or being hit by a car?  Not much of a decision there.

So, that was pretty wonderful.  Not much else going on today.  Tomrrow, I’m going back to the sports med doc, will probably get another set of cortisone injections in my feet.  I’m hoping that not running this time will give them a chance to recover more fully, and hopefully I won’t need any more.  I’m honestly not sure I’ll be able to get any more after this, and I can’t afford to pay for 10% of the surgery that would be the next step.  (gotta love insurance, although I’m happy to have it at all). 

Fun times.  Happy Tuesday.. I can’t wait to have tomorrow off, whether or not I get the cortisone shots.

J’s grandfather’s surprise party this weekend was amazing!  He was so, so, so happy, and he deserved all the attention he got.

We spent time with family and friends (we haven’t seen J’s family since Christmas, which is really unusual).  I met a good friend’s new baby, and met family members I’ve never seen before.

I ate, and the food was amazing.  I tried not to go overboard, but I didn’t feel guilty about the second or third puffy Italian pastry somethings I ate, either.  Totally worth it.  I feel a bit bloated today, but I haven’t had a chance to do more than walk since last Thursday.  If it doesn’t rain, I’m hoping to bike with J tonight for a bit.  If not, probably T25.

I’m not sure about going hard core with T25 this week.  I should probably take a week off from all the plyo if I end up getting cortisone shots again on Wednesday (which I’m guessing is a good possibility).  i’m taking the day off from work if I do get them.  We shall see what happens.

Btw, what is UP with all this pollen?  My sinuses are dying a slow, sad death right now.  Blehhhh.  At least it was beautiful and un-polleny in NY last weekend.  :)  Happy monday!

Well, hello 75F.  I certainly missed you. 





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T25, d3-4

Day 3 of T25 almost killed me.  It was the total body workout, and I’m not sure if it was the workout, or the DOMS I’ve been experiencing, but walking today was interesting.  This was the first day I’ve seriously considered not working out.  Thankfully (betcha it was planned this way), today was abs.  It wasn’t easy, especially since I tend on the weaker side with my core.  You would think I’d know better, with a long and varied history of back pain.  But nope.

At any rate, it was a good breather, and change from the hard core intervals (are they even really intervals?!) the first three days.  I probably won’t be able to do the workout(s) tomorrow, as we’re planning to drive to NY for J’s grandfather’s surprise 80th birthday party after work.  I might be able to fit it in Saturday morning, though, since we stop at my parent’s house on Fri night, and go the rest of the way Sat morning.  That’s the plan, for now.

Life has been good lately.  I feel positive.  I feel good about my body, and the fact that I’ve worked out FOUR days in a row for the first time in monthsmonthsmonths.  Having foot pain puts a serious cramp on working out, for real.  I feel like this has helped me over the hump, and those 25 min workouts are no joke!

I found a townhome community today that I love.  J and I aren’t ready to buy a house yet, and it’s a bit far from downtown where I work, but we don’t want to deal with Bmore city taxes on houses.  It’s just too much.  I guess we’ll see what happens!

T25, day 2

Wk1,d2.  Speed 1.0. 

Not surprisingly, this was again.. hard.  I sweated a lot, but I also made a more concerted effort to do the unmodified moves today.  Some of them are too fast, or it took me a while to get them down.. but I figure I’m going to be doing them for the rest of the month, so I’ll figure it out.

No knee pain today, so yay!  I iced the crap out of my knees and feet last night, and repeat as needed.  I may end up putting this workout system on hold for a few days next week- I’m seeing my sports med doc about my feet again.  I’ll probably have injections again.  ::insert unhappy face here::  But I won’t try to run again for a while, so hopefully they will last long enough for  my feet to recover more fully?

My lower half is definitely sore.  I really loved that this workout included stretching inbetween some of the faster workouts, but I wish there was a more extended beginning stretch session.  I stretched on my own before I did the workout, which helped a lot. 

Overall, day 2 went great.  I haven’t really formed an opinion yet about liking/ disliking anything yet, other than some of the moves make my feet ache.  Too much constant motion without any break is painful for me right now.

So, there is a workout opinion, with some random feet and pain complaints thrown in.  I’m excited for day 3!  The great part about doing this is that I spend a lot more time considering what I’m shoving in my mouth, before I catually do it.  If that’s what it takes, I’m all on board!

Baked veggies with shredded chicken and smoked gouda on top.

Baked veggies with shredded chicken and smoked gouda on top.

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Ground turkey tacos on a WW wrap, with orange peppers just because.

Ground turkey tacos on a WW wrap, with orange peppers just because.

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T25, day 1

I did it, and as promised, it was 25 minutes.  And it was HARD.  I started at least half of the moves with the modifications, to make sure my knee would be okay, and flip flopped between hard core and lets-not-destroy-my-knee-mode as needed.  I really wanted to love Insanity, but I made it through half of one workout before both my knees (only one was injured) were screaming. 

And, even with the mods, it was awesome.  I’m drenched, and happy.  Only 89 more days to go!  Major props to pudgeball for inspiring me to take on T25, and assuring me my knees would survive.


Friendly reminder that 1200 calories is the recommended amount for a 5 year old

Prepping foods while listening to William Clark Green ( she likes the Beatles); lunch last wk at Bertuccis with J. I had a ww pizza crust with arugula, mozzarella, prosciutto and drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

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Yesterday, J and I took the bikes for our first trip.  We need to get a bike rack (that’s next on the list), since it’s not going to work long term to need two cars to carry both bikes.  I have a Jetta, and he has a hatchback Fiesta.. it’s just not gonna work. 

We did a 13 mile stretch of the NRC trail north of the city, from Monkton to.. I have no idea; we stopped where 83 goes over the path.  It was flat, and mostly dirt paths, with some random rocks and puddles thrown in.  I was really uncomfortable even in the first few miles, and was worried I’d have to turn back.  Until, I discovered that putting my seat higher (to where the guy we bought it from recommended it, no less), magically made my butt not hurt nearly as much.  I feel like I’m on a unicycle, it’s so high up, but I felt pretty great the rest of the ride.

We had some mishaps- both our chains popped off, and J had to go back to our car two miles in to retrieve a wrench when a loose bolt and wire left him unable to switch gears.  I figured this is gonna happen, until we’re more familiar with the bikes, etc.  To be fair, my last bike was maybe a 14 speed?  This one is 21, and the trigger switches are complicated, lol. 

Overall, we had a blast, and it was totally worth it.  My knees AND feet feel awesome, so I can’t ask for much more than that!

Welcome to my new followers!  :)  Here’s the short version of about me:

I’m living Baltimore with my husband, J, and our three (yes, three) rescue cats- Remy, Oreo and Max.  Combined, they make up my little family, and I couldn’t be happier.

J and I are very active- at any given point during the year, we are hiking, running, kayaking and just last week, we added biking to our list.  I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis in both my feet since last July- it basically means it hurts like a mofo when I walk.  This has left me unable to run due to the high impact and subsequent limping, but I’m miraculously still hiking my little heart out.  We started biking bc I can’t run- J and I can either bike together, or I can follow him around the city on my bike while he runs.

I’m overweight, obviously.  Isn’t that why most of us are here?  Since I started this blog, however, my focus has shifted more from losing weight , to finding a healthier lifestyle that includes more of the good stuff (which often includes cookies and chocolate), and less of the processed, and generally bad for you stuff. I’ve dealt with a lot of stress since we moved to Baltimore three years ago, which is partly but not entirely the reason I’ve failed miserably at losing weight.  Part of it is just that I love food.  Thankfully, I also love working out.

I talk about my life, workouts, post food pictures (uh.. well, at least I used to?  Then my camera broke..), and outdoor adventures along the East Coast area.  Welcome aboard, and feel free to ask questions, leave comments, etc etc.

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I crave space. It charges my batteries. It helps me breathe. Being around people can be so exhausting, because most of them love to take and barely know how to give. Except for a rare few.

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