This weekend has been great so far!  J and I drove out to WV on Friday night, and spent Fri/ Sat night in a hotel.  We went hiking in George Washington National Forest, and it was.. interesting.

We did this hike last year, right after it had poured for most of the week prior.  We ended up doing ten+ stream crossings, on questionable logs, but had a lot of fun.  It was definitely drier this time, and we didn’t need any logs to cross, but the hike was more difficult.  The ground is very sandy, and a lot of it washes away with anything more than light rainfall, which left the ground significantly rockier than the last time we were there.  My ankles, one part of my body I have no issues with, were aching by the end of the 11.6 mile hike.  I was really, really glad for the hotel, though, since we didn’t have to drive 2 hours back home afterwards. 

Fitbit shows I did 29k+ steps, which is awesome!  J and I hit the outlet mall south of Bmore this morning, on the way home, and I picked up some great Banan Republic shirts way on sale.  Win!  I just went through my wardrobe and put most of it in the discard or donate piles, since I mostly wear the same shirts, but I definitely need new stuff. 

J and I have been eating like piggly wigglies the last several weeks- it’s time to get back on track.  I’m also going to try and start running again.  I’ll start with 0.5-1 mile, and see how my feet feel.  I’m nervous about it, but I think with proper cushioning and listening to my body, I can handle it.  Group classes also start this week again at my gym, so I’ll be heading to zumba and cardioboxing again shortly!

Happy long weekend everyone!

Things that make me happy right now, and life updates, bullet-point style:

  • I ordered some Banana Republic Sloan (black) pants for general life events last week- church, semi-nice work stuff, whatever.  They fit great, the quality is amazing, they’re too LONG (!!!!, although I did order the talls, as the other pair I have is regular, and they’re a littleeee bit shorter than I would like), and I got them half off, with all my discounts.  For real, if you love BR, sign up for their email/ credit card.  The discounts make it more affordable than you would think.
  • I have a dentist appt, and therefore I’m taking the afternoon off.  It’s pointless to go back for 1.5 hr, so.. off to Ikea!  w00t
  • J and I are planning to go to WV and/or VA for hiking this weekend.  Cheap hotels, wine and fun abound!
  • I got paid today.  God bless america.  This month I get an ‘extra’ paycheck (I’m paid every 2 weeks, so two or three times a year, I get 3 paychecks in one month).  Inevitably, though I mess up my finances, so fingers crossed I do it right this time.
  • Um, THREE DAY WEEKEND.  Enough said.  Even if I’ve repeatedly thought today was Friday.

Taco salad lunch! And we had to take Remy back to the vet again, he’s been sick with a uti and wasn’t getting better. But the vet gave us more meds and said his bacteria loads were down from last week so hopefully he’ll be all better soon!

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Apartment all cleaned up! I’m multitasking and also making some food for this week, including white bean soup. And finally, I found the watermelon in the fridge that I got last week and chopped it up. So delicious, and brings back memories of childhood barbeques, vacations and 4th of July.

This week was a bit crazy for me, hence the lack of posts.  I’m still recovering from injuring my back last week, so workouts have been based on whether it feels good enough to work out, and how intense it will be. 

J has been joining me at the gym again, and signed up for the month.  It’s nice being there at the same time, which we really haven’t done regularly since I worked in Hershey.  I do a lot more lifting with J there, especially since sometimes the guys lifting can be a bit intimidating. 

The great news from lifting for the last couple of weeks is this:  my shoulder doesn’t hurt, at all.  Not one iota.  Considering how much pain I was in last year, this almost makes taking a full year off from zumba and cardioboxing worth it.  (Almost)  Group classes start again soon, and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  My weight has dropped again since I started doing more intense elliptical workouts and lifting again.  Let’s hope that trend continues!

I’m going to clean a bit, and try to enjoy this beautiful Sunday.  If my back agrees, I think a nice bike ride is in order for this afternoon.  Happy weekend everyone!

Mission of the day: Hike 10.5 miles up at Catoctin Mtn park.  Mission: complete.

I’m sore, and tired, but it was amazingly beautiful outside today, we really couldn’t have asked for a better day to get out.  The best part is that my knees feel great- before I started biking, this hike left my right knee aching for several days afterwards.  That was awesome.

Now it’s off to clean a bit, and hit the grocery store.  I have a bridesmaid dress that I really need to start hunting for ASAP.  All I need is a black dress.  Not difficult, right?  So, so wrong.  So wrong.  I’m working on it, well I have been for two months already, but I’m hoping with all the fall stock coming in now, there will be MORE black dresses available.  We’re heading down to Tysons Corner tomorrow, I think, to go check out some possibilities. 

I really just want to fall asleep, but we have to go get groceries- we’ve needed them for a week and a half already.  Bleh. 

On a happier note, I weighed in today at 209.5.  Directly after vacation (two weeks ago we came back), I was 214, so that is good.  Worked off all that delicious food and lounging that we did.  :)

Happy Saturday!

I had a great workout last night at the gym, in spite of my back (which is getting better daily.  Thank goodness this didn’t turn into the normal 3 month recovery kind of back injury I usually have). 

It started with an hour on the elliptical, about 20 min steady state and 40 of HIIT.  My feet started hurting halfway through, but I found out that I can burn just as many calories doing high intensity/ lower incline as I can high incline/ lower intensity.  Thank goodness, bc it barely hurt at all.  This was part of the reason I gave up the gym for so long- I couldn’t run, and the elliptical hurt too much from the incline.

Then I did 45 min of lifting after J showed up (he ran to the gym, ha.).  The lifting felt great, I forgot how much I love lifting.

So, that went well, and today is an off day for me.  We’re going hiking tomorrow, and the weather will be perfect for it!  This summer has definitely had my kind of weather.  It  almost makes up for it being so horrible last winter.

I remember being at the gym one day last winter, and the weather guy saying it was warmer in Anchorage (Alaska) than it was in Baltimore that day.  Yesterday, the same guy was talking about how Montana was warmer than Baltimore, lol.  At least it’s for a good reason, this time. 

Happy Friday everyone!

My back is feeling better- I’m going to attempt to work out today, either on the elliptical, or an easy NCR trail trip on the bike.  The sun is quickly starting to set earlier and earlier these days.. I really hate it when summer starts winding down, even if it does mean nicer hiking weather.  :)

I made the official move back to being full time in my original lab this week.  I’ve been helping part time with my boss’ collaborator since last October, when her tech quit.  They now have enough skilled people that they don’t need me there.  It’s weird.  I really love the people over in that lab, although I appreciate not having to hike across campus every single day to get there.  I’m also getting a lot more done, since I’m in one place all day. 

I got an email from zillow today about a house on the market- it’s beautiful.  I wish we were ready for it, because it’s my dream house.  And it’s a decent price.  Oh life, why do you taunt me so?!

My back has been hurting a lot the last couple of weeks, from spending a lot of time leaning over to cut up craft paper (for the bridal shower last weekend).  Well, after the gym yesterday, it got worse.  I’m home from work today, because I couldn’t handle the thought of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for most of the day with back pain like this.

Flexeril and heating pads are my bffs today. 

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Lunch on Sunday!  Chicken, parm, orange peppers, broccoli, black beans, onions, green lettuce.  Also, how awesome is my mom’s super duper DLSR (or however it goes) camera?  I wish I could borrow it from her forever!

Lunch on Sunday!  Chicken, parm, orange peppers, broccoli, black beans, onions, green lettuce.  Also, how awesome is my mom’s super duper DLSR (or however it goes) camera?  I wish I could borrow it from her forever!

I just had the best lunch with some friends from my zumba classes here on campus.  I forgot how much I love them, and I’m sad I had to take such a long break.  Here’s hoping this year is better!

I went shopping last night for last minute bits and pieces for my friend’s bridal shower tomorrow.  Specifically a present, and a cute, casual dress to wear.  Most of the bridal showers I’ve ever been to were laid back, but you still wore something nice.  I didn’t want to wear my long pants, (HOT), and I just bought a beautiful, but too business looking dress from Banana Repub.  So, I hit JCPenney, picked up a $45 summery dress, and called it good.  I’m so excited!

J and I are planning on going biking tonight, which I’m excited about.  Maybe the death hill from Sunday, maybe not.  Not sure yet.  I do like J’s phone telling me how beastly we are being with time and distance though.  That’s fun.

ANDandand the dress I ordered to hopefully be my bridesmaid dress for the same previously mentioned friend is arriving today.  I hope it’s as nice as it looks online!  I bought a necklace last night that should look awesome with it.

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m feeling so happy this week, which is a blessing.  Everything has been so stressful the last several months, I’m really enjoying this happiness.

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J and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy last night.  I refused to go see it with him the first time he saw it last week (yes, the first time).  He came back raving about it so much, and he harassed me so much, that I finally agreed to go see it with him.

So, we went to the outlet mall and I did some shopping at Banana Republic (dress for $55, w00t), and then we saw the movie while eating terrible food.  It was a lot better than I expected it to be, and I enjoyed it a lot.  J was happy about that.  

I’m working on my food today.  As follows so far:

  • Breakfast- cherry pistachio oatmeal, which was DELICIOUS
  • Snack- chocolate covered somethings, from brookside chocolates.  I require chocolate every day!
  • Lunch- WW turkey sandwich with mayo/onions, red/yellow peppers, strawberries/blueberries.
  • Snack- Luna bar

Not sure about dinner yet.  I think I’m going to loosely track calories again for a week or two, see what I end up with and go from there.  I don’t want to be obsessive, bc that happened in the past, but just to get a feel for how many cals I’m eating.  

J and I are heading to Bed Bath and Beyond for bridal shower presents tonight, so no workout.  I wish we had gotten home early from the movie to have going to the gym this morning be feasible, but not so much.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow.  

I’m going to see the doctor in an hour.  The last month or two, I’ve had increasing problems with my allergies.  A few nights ago, I woke up because my lungs felt like they were full, and I could barely breathe.  For the most part, it’s been only if I don’t take my allergy meds, and when I’m exerting myself.  Yesterday, and this morning, I’ve felt like I have water bags for lungs.  Bad news.

Hopefully they will be able to help me out.  It gets better once the meds kick in, but ugh.  I like breathing, mmkay?

I’ve been back from vacation for over a week, and have finally gotten back into the rhythm of normal life again.  this includes (yay!) regular workouts and trying to eat better.

Friday, I think I mentioned, I did the elliptical for the first time in forever.  It was less than stellar because I forgot headphones/ipod (boring), but I eked out 40 min and was proud of it!

J and I went with my best friend and her family to the Baltimore zoo on Saturday.  What zoo, you may ask?!  I didn’t even know Bmore had a zoo!  Well, it does, and after having some financial troubles, it has begun to really revamp the place with new funding.  And if you have kids/live nearby, the yearly passes are a deal!  In case you couldn’t tell, I really like this zoo- how they have dusted themselves off and made a good comeback.

Sunday, J and I did an intense 12 mile bike ride.  This is the one that almost killed me a few months ago.  It was still hard this time, but I definitely handled it better.  J turned on his running ap and I listened to it tell me mileage and pace at mile intervals, which was interesting.

Yesterday, J ran at home while I did 50 min on the elliptical doing mostly steady state, and some HIIT.  I remembered my headphones this time, but most of the tvs were off for some reason, which left me watching either a really boring game or the background of (an admittedly interesting looking) documentary on the Roosevelts coming next month on BBC america.  Yeah, it was a long 50 min.

Today is a break day.  I have to buy some bridal shower presents for Saturday (I’m also spending my evenings printing out games and filling boxes with candy!)  And the library- most important part of my week.

That’s my update for today (whew).  Happy Tuesday everyone!

tinkerbellrun, these are my mad sexy PF boots. Supposedly you sleep with them on, but I roll too much for that to be feasible.

They are called dorsiwedge night splints. I googled and found them easily, but my insurance covered most of the cost since I got them at the dr office. You can probably find less bulky options around the interwebs.