Some eats from this weekend!

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This is just awesomely funny. Love!!

I blogged this last year some time, and just ran across it while going through my archives.  Definitely worth reblogging!

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A little bit of summer (watermelon!) and a little comfort food (chicken noodle soup!) For dinner tonight.

Check out my new crazy cat lady sweater, from target!  I’m in love.  :-D  and I’m not the only one- this was the very last one!

Check out my new crazy cat lady sweater, from target! I’m in love. :-D and I’m not the only one- this was the very last one!

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Thankfully, our handy man and his crew weren’t in the garage on Friday, so it was never left open and unattended.  Good news (I like them, and never wanted to blame them, it just seemed the most obvious answer), but bad, too.  It means someone was blatant enough to just open the garage door in the middle of the day. 

Our land lord offered to take money off our next rent check, to help cover costs for new bikes.  My heart is so full, with how much thankfulness I feel towards him for that.  It’s not his fault this happened, and I wouldn’t have expected it at all.  The truth is, we don’t have an extra $700 for new bikes, and what he offered covers almost all of it.  the garage door will be getting fixed, so it can’t just be opened manually, and we’re going to chain up our new bikes until then.  There’s a small shed we can put them in, that can be locked, but we need to clean it out first.  It’s pretty damn gross.

So, that worked out better than we could have possibly hoped. We’re going to check out some new bikes in a few minutes, although we can’t buy them until my next paycheck goes through. 

I’m feeling a little bit better today, at least good enough to not spend the entire day on the couch.  It’s beautiful outside, and I’m mad we didn’t get to go hiking today.  Another day, I guess. 

Picture Sunday! 1 is lunch, star pasta with a bit of parm; 2 is Maximus peeking out from my dresses in our closet, and 3 is my fave fall photo from tumblr this week.

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I’ve been sick the last couple days, and laying low.  Not bad enough to not be at work- I actually thought it was my allergies at first, but they rarely leave me with a sore throat.  So, boo to being sick.

I think I blogged about it, but I ran earlier this week, and it felt great.  In fact, I realized this morning that my feet  feel the best they have in more months than I can count.  Biking all summer helped a lot- it stretched everything out nicely.  I’ve been running (twice, okay, let’s not get too excited) every 3-4 days, and it feels good.  We’ll see how it goes- I’m at 2 miles, slow pace.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, the only question is what we’re going to do.  kayak?  Hike? Bike?  The options are endless!

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Guys, last night I RAN.  <—- Whoa.

Granted, it wasn’t fast, and in hindsight, I shouldn’t have done it after completing HIIT on the elliptical.  But, I did it!  I ran 1 mile, and you better believe I’m feeling different muscles than usual today, although not too much.  I’m so proud of myself for finally just sucking it up and trying, though.

I only did 1 mile because my sports med doc, way back in Jan, suggested I keep running, but to start slow and with low mileage.  For someone who only averages a 5k length anyway, low mileage is 1 mile.  I didn’t keep running then, because my feet hurt too much, but they’ve been feeling okay lately.  Not great, but not bad, either.  And they don’t hurt more than normal today, so I will give it another try on Monday, and maybe go a little faster, or a little longer.  Baby steps.

I’m off to my parents’ house for the weekend with J.  I’m turning the big 3-1 on Monday, and this is my weekend to soak up yummy food and the best cake ever (from Easton Bakery, if you live in the Allentown/ Easton area of PA!). 

Also, another win this morning:  still at 208lb.  Sometimes I feel like my low weights are just a result of losing water weight, etc, but this number has stuck around for a week.  So, yes!  Slowly moving it down, inch by very tiny inch.  Which is better than going up, so I will take it.

Just saw an article on this, and thought it was a great question:  Where were you, on this date, 13 years ago?

I was a senior in HS, and I was out with a couple kids from my Economics class, interviewing a local business owner.  The owner had his radio on when we came in, and he said in a confused, but not terribly upset voice, that it sounded like there was a plane crash or something near the towers.  Then he shut off the radio, and we continued the interview. 

Arriving back at school, no one was teaching.  The TVs were on everywhere, every single room, and the school was dead silent.  We lived within 1.5 hr of NYC, and we pretty much all knew someone who worked in the city.  So many of us were affected, and I’ll never forget the sobbing girl in the bathroom that I had to comfort, whose uncle worked in the towers.  I don’t know what happened to him, but her terror is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  That day is forever imprinted in my mind, and we will never, ever, forget.

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The Blue Angels are practicing overhead right now, for a show they’re doing in Bmore this weekend.  It’s loud.  My building rumbles when they fly directly overhead.  But, it’s fun to watch them zoom by!

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy - Dancing Groot

“Baby Groot dancing is 100 percent me. I was too embarrassed for anyone to be there, so I made everyone leave the room and I set up a camera and I videotaped myself dancing. Then I sent the video to the animators and had them animate over that. I begged them not to leak the video! Two of my closest friends came to an early screening and said ‘Hey, I recognize those moves! That’s you dancing isn’t it?!’” - Vin Diesel

reblogged before but that comment just makes it that much better


Vin Diesel is actually precious and we must protect him

This was one of my favorite parts of the movie, and it only makes me smile more that this is actually how Vin Diesel dances!

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I saw the dentist this morning, and while my teeth don’t feel fantastic yet (and they probably won’t for a couple days) I don’t feel like I’m trying to put a hole in my upper teeth now.  So, there’s that.

Skipping the gym again.  I have a headache (from the teeth), and I’m also just exhausted.  I’m not thrilled with the amount of rest days I’ve had already this week, but hopefully everything will be improving by tomorrow! 

I also have a cross stitch stocking I need to finish for my younger brother’s girlfriend in the next month or so.. that I started six months ago, and never started again.  Oops.  I’ve been working on that hardcore since Sunday.

That’s all for the moment.  Is it Friday yet?

I was at the dentist last thursday to have an old filling redone.  It was hard to tell if the tooth was ground down enough, and I thought it was fine.  But it definitely wasn’t.  I’m scheduled to go in tomorrow to have it fixed, but oh lordy, my tooth and jaw are aching right now.  It’s such a simple fix, too, but what a difference one little area of your tooth sticking up in the wrong place means.  OUCH.

I tend to check out of the internet on the weekends.  This morning I hopped onto Facebook, only to find one of J’s younger (19 years old) cousins is going through a painful and very public breakup with her boyfriend of over 2 years.  My heart hurts for her.  Breakups suck, always, no matter which side you’re on. 

Yesterday, I didn’t do very much.  J and I did a bunch of errands, then he went to go do car stuff with friends, while I watched movies on Netflix, made a pillow case, and did laundry.  Exciting, yes?

Today, I was going to hit the gym.  But it’s going to be a high of 75 or something ridiculous, so I’m going home and taking J on a short 0.5-1 mile run with me.  He needs a recovery run from the 5 mile alumni race on Sat, and I need some friendly encouragement.  I hope it works out!

Happy monday!  My birthday is next week, and I’m looking forward to it. 

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Practicing curling my hair with an ironing wand. Best results yet! My hair doesnt stay curled well, so we’ll see how it goes.

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